Why another PLM Blog ?

Welcome to this new blog about PLM. This is not my first PLM blog and this is definitely not the first blog about PLM. So why do I think it adds value to launch this blog?

I think through the blogs I have been editing so far I am writing on a quite wide range of topics in PLM. I like to talk about technical topics but also business challenges that PLM try to support.

Why PLM Stack?

This comes back to a very old blog post I wrote where I was describing the ideal PLM. This article had two ways to be read.

On one hand you could conclude that it would require a large technical investment to come up with such dream PLM.

On the other hand you could conclude that by taking a closer look at the technical side of your IT solutions, you could rewrite you PLM strategy and make it right with you company and your users.


What the articles will be about?

The topics will be very diverse but with a very specific goal in mind. Giving information about technologies, business processes and best practices to help you control your product information through all its lifecycle and enhance your innovation by making sure your users are using a software or lets just call it a set of interfaces which they will enjoy using.

Adding one blog to the existing list of great blogs

As I mentionned I am not the first one to write about PLM and I wanted to give a big thank you to those who already write about this topic. Also if you are not in the list (only english here, please) and you believe you should, please let me know !

List of great PLM Blogs:

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